Requesting Access


  1. Users of the EAB/SSC Platform should be in an advising role at KU; for example: undergraduate advising, school or department advising, or faculty advisors.
  2. Before access can be granted, users must also have completed FERPA training.

Requesting Access to the EAB/SSC Platform (two steps):

  1. Request to be added to the KU EAB Staff File and be granted access to the EAB/SSC Platform:
    1. Please fill out and submit the EAB/SSC Platform Access Request form.
  2. Take advantage of EAB SSC Platform Training Opportunities:
    1. To attend a KU hosted EAB/SSC Platform training session, visit the Technology Training Workshops Calendar and register for any available Training. The different offerings the KU EAB/SSC Trainers host are detailed on the Training Opportunities tab.
    2. In conjunction with this training, or in place of, you may also view the EAB presented webinars (estimated time to complete all webinars is 30 minutes). Instruction on how to access and view the webinars is listed on the Training Opportunities tab.

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