Student Success Collaborative

As a university, we have an ambitious goal: a 90% first-year retention rate and a 70% six-year graduation rate by the year 2022.

KU is deeply committed to realizing that “90/70” goal. With approximately one-fifth of our undergraduate students leaving after their first year, and more than one-third failing to graduate within six years, the “90/70” goal is urgent and our efforts to achieve that goal must be strategic and multi-faceted.

Predictive analytic tools such as the EAB Student Success Collaborative (Campus) represent an essential component in KU’s plan to achieve its goal. The Campus platform uses data analytics to assess future degree completion for students in all undergraduate academic plans at the University. The platform draws on a minimum of ten years of KU historical analysis, allowing academic advisors to make data-driven recommendations and provide outreach to those students most at risk for delayed degree completion.

The Collaborative provides advisors, faculty, and administrators with tools to:

  • identify students needing extra assistance in critical foundational coursework
  • suggest roadmaps to a degree based on the student's academic strengths
  • locate students who might benefit from targeted academic engagement opportunities on campus.

KU is committed to full integration of Campus into academic advising. Through effective leveraging of Campus, we will move ever closer to achieving our “90/70” goal.

EAB/SSC Platform

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