Training Opportunities

Training and Access Prerequisites:

  1. Users of the EAB/SSC Platform should be in an advising role at KU; for example: undergraduate advising, school or department advising, or faculty advisors.
  2. Before access can be granted or training provided, users must also have completed FERPA1 training.

KU hosted EAB/SSC Platform training opportunities:

  1.  Training Workshops - to register for a KU hosted EAB/SSC Platform training session please visit the Technology Training Workshops Calendar. Offerings include:
    1. EAB/SSC - Getting Started for Advisors and Faculty
      1. This session will include:
        1. Introduction to the EAB SSC
        2. Tool overview
        3. Understanding risk
        4. Introduction to campaigns
    2. EAB/SSC - Campaign Workshops for Advisors Series
      1. Session One: In this session, you will learn the steps to create a successful campaign, including understanding and craeting lists, using Outlook, and more.
      2. Session Two: In this session, you'll share success stories and lessons learned about the campaign(s) that you created. You will need to be prepared to share from your personal experience.
  2.  Department Focused Trainings:
    1. These trainings will be made available upon request for departments. To request department training by a KU EAB Trainer please fill out the Department Training Request form.
  3.  Deskside Trainings:
    1. These trainings will be made available upon request for individuals needing specific training or who are unable to attend KU hosted EAB/SSC Platform training offerings. To request a deskside training session with a KU EAB Trainer please fill out the Deskside Training Request form.

Education Advisory Board presented e-Learning Modules:

  1.  In order to view the EAB presented webinars you will need create an EAB account (this account is to the website and not to the EAB SSC Platform itself). The directions for creating an EAB account are as follows:
    1. Go to the website at
    2. On the top right of the homepage, click the “Log in now” bar. Select “I’m a new user.”
    3. The site is member-only access; your username is your university email address
    4. The “I’m a new user” link takes you to the registration page to complete.
    5. Click “submit” and you will receive an email in your university inbox containing a confirmation code and a link to login to the website (please check your spam folder).
  2. List/links of EAB e-Learning Modules:
    1. Module 1: Welcome and navigating SSC
    2. Module 2: The 30-second advising “gut check”5 (6 minutes)
    3. Module 3: Understanding student risk6 (7 minutes)
    4. Module 74: Understanding success progress and notifications (4 minutes)
    5. Module 5: Creating and using student lists9 (5 minutes)
    6. Complete Assessment

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